Lucid Persona | Fragrance, Fine Jewelry and Lingerie

Lucid Persona is the Ménage à trois of fashion with fragrance, jewelry and lingerie. Think of it as lux erotic accessories creating unique personas for wonderful days and evenings.

Fragrance, with cologne, perfume and pheromone, enhances the smell sense and creates lust from a distance. With many potions to choose from like Versace, Givenchy, Prada and more, Lucid Persona is the place to get it.

The collection of fine jewelry Lp offers is gold, gold jewelry. From gold anklets, gold bangles, gold necklaces to gold toe rings. Dazzling precious metals awaiting a body to host.

All that smelling good and looking fancy is one thing to set the mood, for the ladies, Lucid Persona’s collection of Lingerie is pure sexy. All lingerie categories instock like bustiers, corsets, panties, lingerie sets and more.

Lp also promotes Cappasity, a 3d product image platform to transform your products into 360 degree interactions.

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