Bell Helmets

bell helmets

Firstly, when searching for new helmets you need to consider the best brands and we highly recommend Bell Helmets.

Based in United States of America, they carry all types of helmets. Full Face, Open Face, Modular and dual sport. The Race style helmet is very popular. With styles from light weight carbon based helmets to their infamous Custom 500 helmets, they got your head covered.

Blackfoot Motosports in Calgary, Canada carries the entire brand. The Bell Bullit is a head turner with its sleep 1970’s look.

Secondly, Bell Helmets, the best. They are used in many different moto sports such as dirt bikes, street bikes and even bicycles. Although Blackfoot does not carry bicycles or the bicycle helmets, they can be special ordered.

Blackfoot has the best prices on Bell Helmets in Canada with the largest selection and the ability to order in any helmet you want.

Ceramic Coating Calgary

Ceramic Coating Calgary

Firstly, the key to properly installing ceramic coating calgary is ensuring the paint is as corrected as possible before we begin installing the coatings. This is done through the method of paint correction.

You’ve heard common phrases such as polishing, cutting or power polishing your vehicle. These are all characteristics of the paint correction process. In some cases, wet sanding may be required for very damaged paint. Please take a look at our paint correction section to learn more of this service.

Installing ceramic coating in calgary to a vehicle can be done by most detailers. However, proper paint correction is done correctly with experience. Ensure your vehicle is being serviced by a qualified and experienced detailer. If your paint is not corrected, the coating will just go over existing scratches, and enhancing those scratch marks

Book Safe

book safe

What robbers fear..  Book Safe

Have you ever wondered where to hide your precious items at home?  The old saying is, robbers never steal books. Lucid Persona presents to you, Book Safe.

With many styles to choose from, you can hide your items in books that are steel lock safes. From bibles to city information books, there are many to choose from.

While on vacation, feel relieved knowing that your precious items are hidden, that the chances if there is a break in they will not go through the books and discover what you have hidden.

A robber does not have enough time to look through all the books, only what is in sight and in reach. Check out the large selection of the book safe.

Used Cars Calgary Alberta, Canada

Used Cars Calgary

Winter is here and it sucks taking the bus. It also sucks if your vehicle is breaking down. If you can’t afford a new car, check out used cars calgary. More specifically, check out Auto House located in the north east of Calgary. There they have a massive selection of cars you will want to drive, not just A to B beaters. I am talking BMW, Mercedes, Jaguars, Land Rover, Maserati’s and more! I fell in love with the A7 they had, but it was sold so fast, so hurry down to the calgary used cars dealership and find your ride.

My experience with Auto House was great. Like I said, The Audi A7 was sold, but they had plenty of other luxury cars to choose from. Although its cold outside, most of their vehicles are inside their shop. Keeping them nice and clean. They even carry powerful Mustangs, who does not love Mustang Cobras? I certainly do. I found my used car Calgary at Auto House.

Check them out!

Oh, you do not need a cars, you need a used trucks Calgary? Follow that link and check out their selection of trucks. Make sure to use the vehicle finder on the right side and search for body> Trucks.


Enjoy Auto House’s awesome dealership video: